Hints to Save On Your A/C Bill

Saving on Electric BillsGrowing up in the Texas heat, we know that sometimes you just need to escape that heat, especially when it’s so hot outside you’re pretty sure the grass is melting.  But each time you reach for your trusted air conditioner there is always that little pang of guilt for the environmental impact, not to mention the regret you’ll feel when you see the electricity bill. Luckily there is a way to reduce both at the same time. With just a few minutes of effort and some proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy your air conditioner with an easy mind.

Firstly, and probably as no surprise to anyone, buy high-efficiency air conditioning units. They are built to run on less energy so automatically you’ve made a reduction. If it is time to upgrade, try looking at some of the new eco-conscious models on the market. A few brands now have cool little sensors (pun intended) that notice when a door or window is left open and will automatically shut off. You only want to pay for cooling your house, not any unintentional attempts at cooling the back yard.

It’s also important to make sure that you get your air conditioner regular check-ups. In the time in-between make sure to properly clean your unit. With use, filters become clogged with dust, which puts an extra strain on the motor and requires the unit to work harder with less to show for it. The same can happen, and a lot faster if your filter is trying to pluck every last particle of dust from the air. Really, unless you have a major allergy, this isn’t necessary. While we’re on the topic, make sure to clean the filter regularly and remember to give the unit a wipe down every now and then.

Timers are a useful addition many units have now. You can set your AC unit to turn both on and off to work with your schedule. If yours doesn’t have a timer feature, try to only run it at the hottest time of the day and keep it off or low in the evenings. Even setting the dial a few degrees warmer than usual will add up to a big difference.

A big mistake that a lot of people make, especially when looking for a new unit, is getting one that is the wrong size for the space they’re trying to cool. Get one too little and the machine will struggle, get one too big and you’re just wasting the energy. When shopping around make sure to ask about the area they are recommended for and try to find the perfect fit.

My final bit of advice would be to make it a team effort. AC units and curtains can work wonders together. While the AC cools the air, heavier curtains will keep the sun from creeping in and warming things. If curtains aren’t really your thing, shutters or tinted glass can work rather well.

So to help beat the summer heat, just keep in mind that keeping your air conditioning unit clean and working properly is a big step in keeping your home cool and efficient.  Vetter Air can help you with this!  Contact us for more details or pricing.

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