Have You Replaced Your Air Filters This Season?

Checking your air conditioner filter is an easy to forget task.  You’re happy as long as the air conditioner is keeping you cool and comfy, right?  However, if you neglect the filter too long, you may feel the consequences: higher energy bills, poor air conditioner performance, unclean indoor air and maybe even the a/c failing.  Ensure your air conditioner will keep running in top shape by checking the filter regularly and clean or change it whenever needed.

What does the air filter do?

The air filter catches the small particulates in the air before they can get into your air conditioner and clog the components or get pushed back out into the house.  While it’s common for at least some dust to accumulate on the a/c components, you don’t want too much, as it can impede air conditioner performance.
When you neglect to check the filter, all those particulates build up on the filter, causing it to become denser and denser.  This restricts airflow, makes your air conditioner work too hard and drives up your cooling bills.  Ultimately, your system could conk out prematurely and need to be replaced.
At the same time, a clogged air filter is no longer doing its job — trapping the particulates in the air stream.  So those particulates stay in your air, and your family is forced to breathe them.

Air filter maintenance
Air FiltersThere’s hardly any job in your home that’s easier than checking the air filter in your air conditioner.  Every month, pull it out and hold it up to the light.  If you can’t see through it, change it or clean it, as specified in your owner’s manual.  If you’re changing it, consult your manual or call your HVAC contractor to find out the best minimum efficiency reporting value for your filter.  Generally, filters with a MERV rating of nine to 12 are recommended for homes.
Regularly checking your air conditioner filter and changing or cleaning it as necessary can save you the expense of an unexpected service call.  Have questions?  Get in touch with Vetter Air.  We serve homeowners and commercial establishments throughout the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas, and we’re happy to help you with all of your home or business comfort needs.

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