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Air Filters – How often Should I Change???

You will see many air filter packaging that says lasts “up to 90” days”. Well, how often should your filter really be changed then? That is a good question because there are many variables that effect how a filter gets dirty depending on your area and lifestyle.

Around here in this neck of the woods, being in the New Braunfels and San Antonio area, if you are using a pleated type air filter in the summer, you should go no more than 30 days. In many applications more often.

Things that effect the length of time air filters will last are:

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New Website & Blog Launched

Here at Vetter Air we have launched a new website and blog. The new site will better help our customers find what they are looking for and gain up to the minute information, tips, notices of specials and much more.

Please be sure to check back often as our blog will contain lots of useful information and energy saving tips. We are excited about our blog and making sure all our customers have access to helpful hints to keep your energy bill under control and your HVAC unit running smoothly. Be sure to sign up for your Newsletter to receive up to date information and announcements of our seasonal sales and limited offers.

Also, please reply with any topics you would like to hear about for future posts. Ask Questions!

Thank you for choosing Vetter Air, LLC!

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